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VH 3D visualisation specialists

Bring your project to life with 3D Visualisation

At Visual Harmony, we combine CGI technology, traditional design and thoughtful creativity with sound business sense, to breathe life into your commercial ideas.

3D architectural visualisation puts your development on the road – literally. Our 3D imaging techniques let your potential customers step through the door, experience the fixtures and fittings and enjoy the view from the window before a spade even enters the ground.

This powerful sales tool is incredibly effective for securing funding, selling off-plan and supporting planning applications.

3D visualisation lifts your products off the page. Depth and texture make this an effective way to see every angle, make design tweaks and reveal the true possibilities that your new product offers. All without spending time and money on a costly prototype.

3D animation uses actors or CGI technology to take your customers on a journey.

We also understand the value of more traditional marketing services, including photography, brand design and development, and design for print such as brochures and flyers. As we tailor our services to your needs, timescales and budgets.

Contact us today to see how we can help to improve your business by bringing your commercial projects to life.

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